Sharing Oil

Two genres, one oil and two needs: to soothe and illuminate.

Ale Every morning he undergoes his very personal ritual.
Foam on the face and a pass of the razor to always be in order.
The mirror smiles at him, the skin a little less.
Often irritated, she occasionally expresses her disappointment by refusing to let her hair grow back.

Chiara wakes up and looking at herself she finds herself fatigued and tired, even when she slept very well.
The skin does not seem to understand the message and there are few days in which it decides to lighten up.
And those fine lines?
They certainly don't contribute to giving her back the self-image she wants to find in the mirror.

Super nourishing oil with complex of essential oils

Since they discovered the Multi-sense Treatment Complex, a 100% natural face oil, Ale and Chiara share everything in their days, including their beauty routine.
With just a few drops, she finds the illumination and hydration she was looking for so much, he takes advantage of its soothing and anti-inflammatory action to use it after shaving.
With the mix of essential oils it helps counteract the stress and frenzy of modern life, offering support to psycho-physical well-being: the skin is fine, the couple is happy.

Who do you share your beauty routine with?

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