Dry skin? Give it new light and elasticity.

As simple as annoying and unsightly.

Is your skin rough to the touch, with an annoying "pulling" effect on the surface where small cracks, cracks and flaking form?
Yes, these in which you recognize yourself are the typical symptoms of those suffering from dry skin.

Dry skin occurs on the face or body when the skin is no longer able to defend itself. The reason? The production of lipids on the skin surface is reduced, the skin cells lose their ability to retain water, which then evaporates.

3,2,1: Objective REBUILD.

Let's start from the foundations, trying first of all to restore the level of hydration with an immediate and impactful action.

First step

For this first step we rely on the Hyper Moisturizing Serum . Its 99.35% natural formulation with hyaluronic acid and beta-glucans from oats guarantee very rapid and deep hydration. It is important to combine this treatment with hydration of the body, drinking at least two liters of water a day.

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Second step

Having laid the foundations of hydration, let's move on to the second step with our Intensive Renewal Elixir mask: 99% natural, an all in one product, with elastin and Hyalomatrix hyaluronic acid that plump and deeply hydrate the skin.

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Third step

Lastly, we take care of the surface by protecting the skin and water evaporation with a natural dermolipidic barrier by choosing our Multi-Sense Treatment Complex oil.

A 100% natural product, with a mix of natural oils and Jojoba oil which creates a new skin-lipid barrier , forcing the humidity not to evaporate and to humidify, plumping the tissues .

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