Stains and Scars

Spots and Scars

Ultra Intensive Care Treatment

  • eliminates imperfections, redness and discolouration
  • it has a whitening action thanks to the xanthophylls 
  • it has anti-inflammatory action thanks to the calming action on the immune system

Hyper Moisturizing Serum

  • smoothes and balances your skin
  • lactic acid acts as a gentle peeling, stimulating skin regeneration
  • stimulates metabolism and cell turnover for a more effective treatment against dark spots

Intensive Renewal Elixir

  • regenerates and promotes cell turnover
  • the xanthines in tea, coffee and chocolate guarantee rapid cell turnover and skin regeneration for truly decisive treatment of very evident stains
  • it has a whitening action thanks to the xanthophylls 

Sun Perfection

  • anti-age, purificante e riequilibrante
  • il suo effetto purificante aiuta a ridurre macchie e imperfezioni
  • contiene protezione solare 50+ e previene scottature, rossori, irritazioni e formazione di macchie cutanee