Obsidian stone
Obsidian stone
Obsidian stone
Obsidian stone
Obsidian stone
Obsidian stone


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"Excellent products, I've been using them for almost a year and I feel great. The oil in particular, massaged with the obsidian stone, is really a sensory experience that regenerates from the tiredness of the day."
Sabrina M. Lagalene customer

Acts effectively on joint pain, helps reduce muscle tension by instilling a state of relaxation and physical well-being that extends to the psyche.

By purchasing our Obsidian Stone you will receive the mini size of the Oil, the Roller and the Serum for free to complete your Beauty Routine.
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Scopri la Obsidian stone👇

• anti-aging
• tensor
• draining
• invigorating
• rebalancing

Unisex product, suitable for all skin types.

Anti-aging - Draining - Toning - Rebalancing - Relaxing

The stone

The obsidian stone rebalances the body and mind by removing negative energies and acting effectively on joint pain, it helps reduce muscle tension and therefore promotes a state of relaxation and physical well -being that extends to the psyche.

Furthermore, it is very useful for stimulating lymphatic microcirculation , and for healing wounds on the skin.


Thanks to obsidian , the facial massage will be even more effective since the passage of the stone on our face generates greater blood stimulation and lymphatic drainage , and the temperature of the stone, generally cold, will enhance the toning action .

How to use

Moisturize the skin well (Multi-sense Treatment Complex or Intensive Renewal Elixir is indicated)

Start sliding the stone from the forehead continuing clockwise , applying slight pressure with the stone from the inside outwards

Then continue towards the nose, cheeks, jaw and chin with the same movement.

100% Natural

Thanks to continuous research, Lagalene products approach a level of 100% naturalness to guarantee you a healthy and effective experience.


Obsidian stone, natural glass.

Eco Friendly

All our packaging is produced with recycled and recyclable materials in line with our philosophy.

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