Trattamento dopobarba: come eliminare prurito, secchezza, irritazione, rossore dopo la rasatura

Aftershave treatment: how to eliminate itching, dryness, irritation, and redness after shaving

Whether you have a long, short or no beard , we are sure that at least once you have found yourself "fighting" post-shave problems: dryness, itching, redness, irritation and cuts.

Here you are in the right place for advice and remedies for these annoying problems on the face and neck to have a healthy and well-groomed appearance!

Whether it's a clean shave , touch-ups to your goatee or trimming your beard, your skin should never be neglected.

Practical, fast and effective advice? Here they are…

  • Once shaving is finished , the face should be rinsed with cold water , which closes the pores and prevents bacteria from getting inside, and dried by dabbing with a cotton towel if possible
  • To treat shaving irritation , use a product with a healing, emollient and soothing effect, such as jojoba essential oil (Discover our 100% natural Multi-sense Treatment Complex suitable as an after-shave treatment and also as daily hydration)
  • To treat itching (which worsens redness and irritation), apply an oil that softens the beard , whether it is short or long, it makes no difference, just a drop of a suitable product is enough to give relief and significantly improve the sensation on the skin (with the Multi -sense Treatment Complex a couple of drops will be enough to treat face and neck!)
  • In case of dry or flaky skin (which can cause dandruff on the beard) we recommend a daily face wash as the accumulation of dirt and sebum can cause skin irritations (Discover the 100% natural Gentle Vegetal Soap for your daily cleansing with sebum normalizing and purifying effect)
  • In case of sensitivity to products , it is advisable to prefer natural and non-aggressive ones, otherwise irritations, redness and itching would worsen considerably (the entire line of Lagalene Milano products exceeds 99% naturalness and does not contain aggressive or harmful ingredients for our body!)
  • In the case of shaving pimples , it is recommended to apply a product locally to specifically treat the imperfections caused by shaving (Discover the 99.86% natural Ultra Intensive Care Treatment with hemp essential oil to reduce pimples and eliminate imperfections !)

Take care of yourself, your appearance and your face which is your business card on many occasions!

Choose the best for your skincare and for your beard and aftershave treatment with Lagalene Milano!