Quanto è importante la Respirazione per il nostro benessere e per la nostra pelle

How important is Breathing for our well-being and for our skin

Did you know that proper breathing is important for our well-being and that of our skin ?

Indeed, knowing how to breathe well is essential for our psychophysical balance , to counteract anxiety, stress, insomnia, and it is also important for the well-being of our skin.

But how is it possible that good breathing is also good for the skin ?

Better blood oxygenation makes our skin visually healthier as cellular metabolism is activated, thus releasing more energy for all the body's activities, even digestion!

Knowing how to breathe isn't obvious though!

Breath is the basis of many functions of our body, without ventilation and gaseous exchanges no cell could survive.

How to learn to breathe in the right way to get benefits?

Sports activity, yoga and meditation are certainly indicated for getting in touch with your body and breathing correctly .
A very important and above all very pleasant “ trick ” is the use of essential oils which promote positive thinking through smell.
In fact, thanks to essential oils, the cerebral cortex is directly stimulated, removing stress and anxiety, and instilling relaxation and energy .

Essential oils have incredible power over our psychophysical well-being , which is why some of the most effective ones have been selected for Lagalene Milano products to take care of the mind as well as the body.

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Take care of yourself, your well-being and your natural beauty with Lagalene Milano!

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