Pelle acneica? Ecco l’ingrediente che risolverà il tuo problema: l’acido lattico!

Acne prone skin? Here is the ingredient that will solve your problem: lactic acid!

Do you suffer from acne and blemishes and still haven't found the solution to your problem? Here is the ingredient to solve and fight acne and pimples: lactic acid!

What is lactic acid? Have you ever heard of it?

Lactic acid is a not very small molecule that does not penetrate deeply into the dermis and therefore, remaining in the superficial layer, it acts by removing dead cells, residual dust and polluting particles which are the cause of imperfections and pimples.

In this way an essential purifying action takes place for those who want to mitigate, reduce, contrast, prevent acne and pimples.

Let's go more specifically… What are its main properties?

  • Exfoliating action: as already mentioned, the lactic acid gently removes dead skin cells leaving it smoother and brighter, also narrowing the pores (perfect even for the most delicate and acne-prone skins since it does not attack the dermis in any way, rather the purifies without irritating him further).
  • Moisturizing action: lactic acid helps maintain excellent skin hydration thus avoiding dryness and cracking, an essential action for acneic and combination skin.
  • Toning and anti-aging action: lactic acid stimulates the production of collagen, also improving the texture of the skin, making it more elastic and therefore less subject to the formation of wrinkles.
  • Regenerating action: lactic acid accelerates cell turnover for skin renewal, useful for attenuating and clearly reducing scars and marks on the skin caused by acne.

And did you know that a simple ingredient has all these useful characteristics to solve the problem of acne and imperfections?

This is why Lagalene Milano has chosen to include lactic acid in its skincare with the 99.35% natural Hyper Moisturizing Serum composed of 3 types of serum, oat beta-glucans and lactic acid , to have beautiful skin. , healthy, bright, regenerated and without imperfections, pimples and acne!

Beauty is a choice. Choose Lagalene!