Come curare la pelle scottata dal sole? Scopri i rimedi semplici ed efficaci!

How to cure sunburnt skin? Discover the simple and effective remedies!

Who has never burned their skin in the sun during the summer?

Unfortunately, this often happens during the holidays: in the name of light-heartedness and lightness, we forget to apply sunscreen constantly, or we make the wrong choice and expose ourselves to the sun during the hottest hours without due precautions.

Whatever the cause, here you will find out how to cure sunburned skin with simple remedies !

seared skin

Number 1 - Moisturize

Your skin needs to be hydrated from both the inside and out, so drink plenty of water and hydrate your skin with light-textured serums and creams that help your skin combat dryness and itchiness.

Tip: Hyper Moisturizing Serum, 99.35% natural 3-in-1 serum with hydrating, regenerating, revitalizing and plumping power; and Intensive Renewal Elixir, a 99% natural cream with innovative ingredients with soothing, anti-inflammatory, anti-imperfection and anti-aging properties .

Number 2 - Soothe and Flame

Unfortunately sunburned skin causes itching, discomfort and burning , often you can't even scratch yourself because you feel pain. The remedy we recommend is to soothe the skin with a product that also has an anti-inflammatory and anti-redness effect, to help our skin heal faster while also relieving the associated discomfort.

Tip: Multi-sense Treatment Complex 100% natural non-greasy, rapidly absorbed oil with a calming, soothing, illuminating, plumping and regenerating effect .

Number 3 - Refresh

A nice refreshing shower in moments of greatest discomfort is a good remedy for sunburnt skin, together with cold compresses based on chamomile with a soothing and calming power.
Another gem is to put the cream in the fridge half an hour before applying it. It will be a great relief!

Tip: the Intensive Renewal Elixir is a real fresh bomb also thanks to its glass jar which always keeps the cream silky and fresh!

Number 4 - Aloes

Aloe has always been the best ally when it comes to healing from sunburn. Choose products that contain this natural ingredient with multiple benefits!

Tip: Aloe is one of the main ingredients of our Intensive Renewal Elixir leave-in cream and/or mask with anti-redness, anti-blemish and revitalizing effects.

Don't miss our beauty tips and take care of your sunburnt skin so as not to cause premature aging , blemishes, imperfections and signs of aging!

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