5 consigli per prevenire e ridurre le macchie solari

5 tips to prevent and reduce sunspots

Our much loved sun that gives us a beautiful summer tan also plays some little tricks on us such as rashes, irritations, dehydration and sunspots . Of these most common consequences, sunspots are the most obvious e difficult to eliminate . That is why in this article we want to give you 5 tips to prevent and reduce sunspots!

First of all, it is very important to protect our skin with a good and effective one Sun protection (stay updated because soon Lagalene will launch a sunscreen product!), to be applied both in winter and above all in summer.

Having made this very important premise, here is the 5 tips to prevent and reduce sunspots:

1- Wear them often Sun glasses especially if we expose ourselves to the sun's rays for a long time, this will help us protect the eye contour area which is very delicate and prone to spots;

2- Limit exposure time solar and avoid the hours in which the rays reach their maximum peak (between 11.00 and 14.00);

3- Prefer a diet rich in foods that contain flavonoids with an important antioxidant action, such as citrus fruits, berries, grapes, kiwis, avocados and vegetables such as tomatoes and carrots;

4- Use essential oils as after sun with a soothing, anti-inflammatory and uniforming power, like ours Multi-sense Treatment Complex 100% natural which contains a mix of specific essential oils for in-depth skin care with a relaxing action on the mind too thanks to its special fragrance;

5- Make gods gentle peelings to stimulate skin regeneration and thus reduce existing stains, our Hyper Moisturizing Serum 99.35% natural contains lactic acid which performs a gentle peeling on the skin, and at the same time hydrates and plumps it thanks to the low molecular weight hyaluronic acid ( so as to penetrate deeper! ) and the beta-glucan complex of oats with a nourishing action;

5a- Always for the reduction of spots , we recommend products that they oxygenate the skin and lighten it, preferably in a localized way to best act on the "affected" areas. Our Ultra Intensive Care Treatment 99.86% natural with its comfortable sphere and with the latest generation innovative ingredients, such as hemp oil and Hyalomatrix , is the perfect solution for reduce and eliminate sun spots , especially if in a localized way;

5b- Last tip but not least, if the area affected by Sunspots is a little more extensive and the signs are a little more intense, one is recommended cream or mask aimed at tissue regeneration and at the same time to the lightening action on the skin, ours Intensive Renewal Elixir 99% natural with its super light and soft texture it acts precisely on spots and signs of aging to give the skin a new tone, greater elasticity and tonicity and above all a new nourishment !

These are our recommendations for those who want to prevent and reduce annoying sun spots on the skin, follow them if you want a healthy, young and blemish-free face thanks to simple tricks and products natural, sustainable, Made in Italy and unisex like those from Lagalene Milano!

Beauty is a choice, choose Lagalene!