3 requisiti fondamentali che ogni trattamento anti-age dovrebbe avere per essere efficace!

3 basic requirements that every anti-aging treatment should have to be effective!

We often talk about anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, anti-aging products and treatments, etc etc… but how do we recognize their validity?

Anti-wrinkle products must contain functional active ingredients that stimulate collagen production and cell renewal, as well as firming, plumping and moisturizing properties.

But specifically, what should absolutely not be missing in an anti-aging treatment?

Here are the 3 basic requirements!

  • Exfoliating action: to remove dead cells, activate the metabolism and stimulate the production of collagen in such a way as to make our skin "new" and ready to regenerate at its best, the advice is to perform a gentle peeling and for example with the lactic acid (contained in Hyper Moisturizing Serum).

  • Plumping action: our skin must receive water but must also absorb very important proteins to give consistency, tone and "structure" to the epidermis. One of the most important and effective proteins is elastin (contained in the Intensive Renewal Elixir) which makes the skin more elastic, toned and ready to react better to the various stresses that solicit it in a negative way, thus avoiding the formation of early wrinkles or deep. Elastin also gives volume and strength to our skin.

  • Protective action: our skin needs protection from UV rays and from external agents that damage it, it is therefore important to stimulate the epidermis to ensure that it "builds" a dermolipidic barrier that serves as prevention and protection. The "shield" will be used to avoid premature aging from UV rays, for example, to avoid the formation of free radicals, loss of tone and dehydration and the destruction of collagen. It is advisable to use an oil, preferably rapidly absorbed, which has the ability to maintain the active ingredients by acting as a barrier (such as the Multi-sense Treatment Complex).

Now that you know what can't be missing in an anti-aging treatment , choose your skincare with care and attention, always preferring natural, certified, Made in Italy ingredients that don't damage your skin and your body!

Beauty is a choice. Choose Lagalene!