Impure skin

Impure skin

Gentle Vegetable Soap

  • deeply cleanses and purifies the skin
  • it has an astringent, anti-inflammatory, sebum-regulating and disinfectant action
  • carries out a deep but delicate cleansing with restoration of the dermolipidic barrier

Hyper Moisturizing Serum

  • reduces redness, pimples and plumps up scars
  • it has a smoothing and pH rebalancing action thanks to the lactic acid
  • attenuates and plumps up scars thanks to very low molecular weight hyaluronic acid

Ultra Intensive Care Treatment

  • it flames and reduces pimples and imperfections
  • plumps up scars and lightens spots caused by pimples
  • acts in a localized way thanks to the roller

Multi-Sense Treatment Complex

  • restores skin balance
  • citric acid guarantees a disinfectant, astringent and smoothing action, its acidity eliminates the bacterial load causing the proliferation of pimples and blackheads
  • restores the dermolipidic barrier to protect against external agents and smog
Light treatment
Light treatment
Light treatment
Light treatment
Light treatment

Light treatment

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Delicate, naked, alive, clear, warm, sensual , there are many shades that light can take on. Find yours with Lagalene's beauty routine, a latest generation unisex, holistic and natural skincare.

To give new life and light to your skin, the Light Treatment consists of:

  • Gentle Vegetal Soap: 100% natural cleansing soap , 130gr, two bars of soap, for one action purifying, soothing, rebalancing, anti-imperfection and brightening ,
  • Hyper Moisturizing Serum : 3 in 1 serum to the 99.35% natural 30ml which hydrates, plumps, repairs and stimulates cell renewal giving a healthy complexion,
  • Multi-sense Treatment Complex : jojoba oil and mix of 100% natural essential oils 30ml which illuminates, nourishes, plumps, soothes, flames, perfect as a make-up base and post-shave and after-sun treatment
🎁 Special bonus : with the purchase of our Light Treatment , you will receive a free mini size roller , perfect for completing your beauty routine and keeping your skin always young and glowing.