What does Holistic Beauty mean?

Mens sana in corpore sano
Holistic Beauty
Lagalene Milano wants to take care of you at 360°, from mind to body. This is why we talk about HOLISTIC BEAUTY, the fundamental pillar at the base of the Lagalene philosophy.

How does a skincare also take care of the spirit?

Through the fragrance of particular 100% natural essential oils, such as elemi, juniper, benzoin, bitter orange, bergamot and cedar, our cerebral cortex is stimulated by promoting relaxation, positive thinking, removing anxiety and stress.

Another key feature of Lagalene Milano is inclusiveness.

Not only in terms of age, since the products are suitable for both young and mature skins, but also and above all because our routine is genderless!
Our Products
Effective and innovative, sustainable, characterized by a very high quality of ingredients, by the highest possible concentration of natural components and active ingredients with a functionality different from the mere cosmetic action, also taking care of psychophysical well-being.