Scopri come scegliere i prodotti per una perfetta skincare!

Find out how to choose products for perfect skincare!

Do you want to find out how to choose products for perfect skincare?

Read all about the types of products, the order of application and the quantities relating to each single product for effective skincare!

There is often a veil of doubt around "which, how many and how" to choose the products to apply to the skin to have a healthy, toned face, without imperfections and without wrinkles.

Let's get straight to the point…

1st Step Cleansing : with the 100% natural Gentle Vegetal Soap you will obtain cleansed, purified, healthy and hydrated skin.
Double way of use:
- daily treatment: wet the bar of soap between your hands until you obtain a soft, soft foam, cleanse your face and rinse well;
- intensive treatment perfect for oily or combination skin: wet the bar of soap between your hands until you obtain a soft, soft foam to spread on your face, leave on for 1 minute, rinse well.


2nd Step Localized treatment : with the 99.86% natural Ultra Intensive Care Treatment roller you can correct imperfections (bags and dark circles, wrinkles around the eyes and mouth, pimples, acne, psoriasis, eczema) in a localized way.
How to use : Slide the roller over the eye contour involving the lower eyelid and the corner of the eye, from the inside outwards, on the nasolabial area with movements from bottom to top and in correspondence with the wrinkles that you want to tone down. Apply the product locally on the affected areas (pimples, blemishes, etc.). Tap lightly after application to aid penetration. Use twice a day, morning and evening.

3rd Step Hydration and regeneration : with the 99.35% natural Hyper Moisturizing Serum , a 3 in 1 serum with an anti-aging, toning, illuminating, regenerating and rebalancing effect.
How to use : Apply to cleansed, dry skin. Pour 3 - 4 drops of the Hyper Moisturizing Serum onto your hand and pat with your fingers and then apply to the face, neck and décolleté. Massage with a little pressure on the wrinkles and then continue with circular movements. Use in the morning and in the evening before going to sleep.

4th Step Intensive cream : with 99% natural Intensive Renewal Elixir you will have a multifunctional cream and a leave-in mask to use in the evening before going to sleep.
How to use :
Apply the Intensive Renewal Elixir on a cleansed and dry face using the appropriate spatula (cleaning it both before and after with soap or an alcohol pad, and rinse) to avoid contaminating the product, distribute evenly creating a thin layer on the face, also involving the neck and décolleté, avoiding the eye contour, and leave to act. Do not rinse.
If you use the Intensive Renewal Elixir as a mask, it is advisable to apply it at least once a week, on cleansed and dry skin, preferably in the evening, also involving the neck and décolleté, avoiding the eye contour.

5th Step Super nourishing oil : the 100% natural Multi-sense Treatment Complex is a rapidly absorbed oil that nourishes, illuminates, repairs, soothes and heals, in fact it is an excellent post-shave treatment and a perfect make-up base thanks to the its natural pigments.
How to use : Pour 3-4 drops of Multi-Sense Treatment Complex onto your hands and then start making circular movements from the inside out on the face, neck and décolleté. Continue massaging until completely absorbed. Use in the morning and in the evening before going to sleep.

6th Step Day cream with sun protection : 98% natural Sun Perfection is a day cream with spf 50+ with an anti-aging, rebalancing, normalizing, mattifying and purifying effect, a multifunctional product that "concludes" your beauty routine in beauty and safety, given that the sun's rays are harmful even in winter when the sky is clouded.
How to use : apply the cream on the face, neck and décolleté until absorbed, two small pumps are enough for the entire area.

7th Step Facial massage : with the Obsidian Stone you can have a real spa treatment directly at home whenever you want. Thanks to the facial massage with obsidian stone you will obtain many benefits: anti-aging, relaxing, toning, elasticising, draining, relaxing and energizing at the same time!
Click here to find out how to easily perform a facial massage with obsidian stone.

Do you have delicate, oily, combination, sensitive, acne-prone skin, with a dull, gray complexion and loss of tone?

Remember that incorrect skincare can worsen your skin problems, so rely on certified, safe, natural and effective skincare.

Beauty is a choice. Choose Lagalene.