Scopri Massimo Lupo, il beauty therapist specializzato in massaggio facciale

Discover Massimo Lupo, the beauty therapist specialized in facial massage

Do you know that there are endless techniques, types of facial massage and professionals specialized in the sector? Massimo Lupo is a famous beauty therapist who boasts a lot of experience and knowledge in this area, and also thanks to him the Lagalene universe is further enriched with ancient knowledge and knowledge on facial massage.

Let's talk a little about Massimo Lupo…

From a life experience in Bali, the infinite passion for the facial massage , especially the Kobido , an ancient Asian beauty ritual also known as " the Massage of Eternal Youth " thanks to its invigorating and toning.

From the base of the Kobido comes a new conception studied by the same Max Wolf with a lot of experience and awareness: the “Key of Kobido”, a lifting massage born from the union of antiquity and modernity, because it contains the ritual of Kobido and the most modern techniques of the Gua Sha and Buccal .

Let's see the facial massages specifically…

  • Kobido: manual treatment capable of improving the appearance of the skin thanks to a natural lifting effect and an overall feeling of physical well-being.
  • Gua Sha: massage using a stone (eg obsidian or jade), with an effect smoothing, draining and anti-aging . With the Lagalene obsidian stone this type of massage is done!
  • Buccal: intraoral massage that relaxes the muscles in the mouth area.

Massimo Lupo , thanks to his experience, awareness and study, has recognized in Lagalene products excellent ingredients and active ingredients to be associated with the techniques facial massage , this is why the collaboration with Lagalene Milano began, of which we are so proud!

Why did Lagalene choose obsidian stone for facial massage?

The obsidian relieves pain and stimulates peripheral circulation, dissolves energy blocks and eliminates toxins from the body.
By connecting spirit and matter, the obsidian stone bestows inner clarity, balance and harmony .
Like all black stones, obsidian it moves stagnant and negative energies and disperses them, allowing fears and traumas to be overcome.

Behind the world of facial massages, different techniques and different tools, there are endless benefits for body and mind!

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Beauty is a choice, choose Lagalene!