Primavera e Allergia Stagionale: come prenderci cura della nostra pelle?

Spring and Seasonal Allergy: how to take care of our skin?

The arrival of spring is often accompanied by beautiful blooms, warm weather, and a heightened sense of vitality. However, for many individuals, it also brings with it seasonal allergy issues .

Itching, redness, watery eyes, skin irritation, red eyes and dry skin are just some of the symptoms that occur during this period.
These problems are particularly annoying and harmful for those with delicate and sensitive skin , as they can make the face appear dull and cause swelling and redness around the eyes.

Luckily, with Lagalene Milano skincare, these problems can be solved easily!
Our line of treatments offers three simple products that hydrate, soothe, eliminate redness and blemishes, refresh skin and protect it from further damage caused by seasonal allergies .

How to take care of our skin during spring?

  • Ultra Intensive Care Treatment: eye contour roller with a refreshing, regenerating, anti-swelling , anti-puffiness and dark circles and anti-imperfection effect, plumps, hydrates, soothes and lightens!
  • Hyper Moisturizing Serum: 3 in 1 serum that deeply hydrates the skin by fighting dryness and stimulating cell renewal thanks to the presence of lactic acid
  • Multi-sense Treatment Complex: rapidly absorbed oil with a flaming, soothing, super nourishing and protective effect, it creates a perfect dermolipidic barrier to protect the skin from external agents and sudden changes in temperature

With the combination of these 3 products and the highest quality and latest generation ingredients, our skin won't have to fear the arrival of Spring and seasonal allergies!

    Choose the Nature that makes you feel good, choose Lagalene Milano skincare!