Pelle secca, disidratata e desquamata: quali sono i rimedi per avere una pelle sana?

Dry, dehydrated and flaky skin: what are the remedies for healthy skin?

The problem of dry skin unfortunately afflicts many of us causing itching and discomfort , as well as a feeling of discomfort also linked to our aesthetics.

When the skin is dry it means that there is not enough water or sebum in the superficial part of the epidermis, and therefore we absolutely have to fix it!

This can cause skin to look dry and feel rough and brittle. Unlike oily skin, dry skin is more prone to premature aging, which can lead to wrinkles and crow's feet around the eyes in particular.

There are many factors that can cause dry skin, including:

  • climate change,
  • excessive exposure to UV rays,
  • air conditioning and heating,
  • genetics,
  • the age,
  • medications and/or illnesses,
  • the stress,
  • the inappropriate use of cosmetics that contain substances harmful to our skin.

So, what to do to solve dry skin problem?

To combat skin dryness, it is essential to follow some simple, practical and super effective tips:

  • drink enough water, at least 2 liters a day,
  • protect the skin from UV rays ( soon Lagalene Milano will launch its new sunscreen and multi-purpose product! ),
  • use delicate, preferably natural cosmetics ( always check that they are certified and non-harmful products! ),
  • humidify the air,
  • avoid stress and anxiety as much as possible (find a personal pampering that can give you relaxation and well-being, for example with the essential oils of the Multi-sense Treatment Complex that stimulate positive thinking and chase away stress!),
  • regularly use specific moisturizing and nourishing creams , also preferring masks in the evening, when the skin absorbs the active ingredients the most ( the Intensive Renewal Elixir is a super nourishing cream that can also be used as a leave-in mask before going to sleep! )
  • remove dead cells through periodic but delicate peelings (the Hyper Moisturizing Serum is a 3 in 1 serum that also contains lactic acid for a gentle, non-aggressive daily peeling!).

Fight dry skin by following these simple, practical and effective tips, and always choose certified, natural, multi-functional, Made in Italy skincare products . cruelty-free and eco-sustainable, like the Lagalene Milano line!