La Scelta Illuminata per la Tua Protezione Solare: Filtri Fisici vs Filtri Chimici

The Enlightened Choice for Your Sun Protection: Physical Filters vs Chemical Filters

In the vast universe of skincare, sun protection plays a crucial role in preserving the health and beauty of your skin. With so many options available, choosing the right product can seem like a daunting task. Central to this choice are the types of filters used in sunscreens: physical filters and chemical filters. Both offer protection against harmful UV rays, but they work in fundamentally different ways.

Physical Filters: The Protective Shield

Physical filters, also known as mineral filters, work by creating a physical barrier on the surface of the skin that reflects and disperses UV radiation before it can penetrate and cause damage. These filters are suitable for sensitive skin, children, or anyone who wants effective sun protection immediately after application.

Chemical Filters: The Invisible Protection

In contrast, chemical filters contain organic compounds that absorb UV rays, converting ultraviolet energy into heat, which is then dissipated by the skin. This category of filters can offer broader coverage against different types of UV radiation, but requires approximately 20 minutes to fully activate after application.

Sun Perfection by Lagalene Milano: The Natural Choice

Lagalene Milano has chosen to incorporate physical filters into the innovative Sun Perfection product. This decision is driven by our dedication to the skin health and well-being of our customers. Sun Perfection is not just a 50+ sun cream, it is a day cream with sun protection that offers immediate defense against UV rays.

Formulated with natural ingredients and enriched with jojoba oil and an exclusive mix of essential oils, Sun Perfection stands out for its ability to nourish the skin while protecting it. Its light and non-greasy formula makes it perfect for daily use, guaranteeing your skin hydration, protection, brightness, balance and health.

With Sun Perfection, we offer a solution that combines the best of nature and science to ensure effective, natural protection against sun damage that turns into blemishes, wrinkles, dryness, irritation and skin conditions.

Choosing Lagalene Milano means opting for a conscious and respectful approach to skin care, embracing products that not only protect but also nourish and enhance your natural beauty.