La meditazione fa bene anche alla pelle

Meditation is good for the skin

There skin and the brain they are deeply connected, in fact skin disorders and diseases are alarm bells when we have a high level of stress. To reduce tension and anxiety, the meditation it is certainly one of the best remedies to feel better about yourself…
In this article Lagalene Milano we will talk about how meditation is also good for the skin !

Acne, irritation, peeling, dermatitis, imperfections or bags and dark circles, our emotions, feelings and moods become visible on our skin. They are part of the so-called “psychosomatic disorders”.

For this reason, in addition to maintain good skincare , preferably natural and without harmful ingredients like that Lagalene , it is of paramount importance to take care of ours as well psyche.

How to reduce anxiety and stress?

Nowadays all of us are at the mercy of a thousand thoughts, especially those that worry us, for this reason, often meditation is an excellent solution to achieve our psychophysical balance , a physical and mental well-being that brings us inner and outer serenity.

So, the meditation can be considered an immediate support for the well-being of the skin, because it induces relaxation of the body and helps to oxygenate the skin , thanks to meditative breathing.
The practice of meditation helps to cultivate calmness, to found within us a more serene approach to face life's difficulties , to get to know each other better and manage moments of stress and anxiety related to private and working life.

Certainly, this practice is also very useful as anti-aging technique , since it helps prevent premature ageing thanks also to a detox action elimination of waste and toxins, certainly accelerated by the failure to take care of ourselves, physically and mentally.
There meditation it also ensures a better "efficiency" of the immune , cardiovascular, limbic and above all nervous systems.

Clinical studies show that even the balance between dying neurons/generated neurons is drastically reduced by favoring a improved mental alertness and memory .

What effects does stress have on the skin?

The stress it causes us to accumulate unconscious facial tension or even to repeat certain movements on our face.

For example, when we are worried, tired or stressed we tend to frown and then create gods expression marks not pleasant.
Also, stress acts on the skin reducing the elasticity and firmness because it attacks collagen and elastin by altering skin hydration levels, which can contribute to wrinkle formation and an acceleration of cellular aging. And it causes toxins due to the incomplete or ineffective completion of some key processes such as digestion or cellular respiration.

This is why meditation can be considered as a real anti-wrinkle beauty treatment.

Last but not least, it would be ideal combine meditation and skincare to a facial massage preferably with obsidian stone for its energizing power, to be done at least once or twice a week.

Keep your body and mind healthy with the meditation , natural and reliable products, and good daily habits. Choose well-being with Lagalene Milano!

Beauty is a choice, Lagalene is your choice.