Acne is a skin problem that unfortunately affects many teenagers, and even some adults, and often leaves marks and scars on our face. It is an inflammation of the pilosebaceous follicles, the result of which is the appearance of pimples.

In this article from the Journal Lagalene we will tell you how to reduce and eliminate acne scars !

Let's start with a question, the answers to which may help you: what are the causes of the appearance of scars caused by acne?

  • scratching
  • Forced crushing
  • Handling

At least once we would have heard: “ Don't pop those pimples! ” , “ Don't scratch pimples! ”, and other similar phrases…

All of this is recommended for a reason, and it is precisely because by "touching" and "manipulating" acne pimples, there is a very high risk that scars and marks will remain that will hardly go unnoticed!

Once the omelette has been made, however, now we need to find a solution to reduce the marks and even eliminate them!

But how can acne scars be reduced?

As the principle of our philosophy at the base of our Holistic Beauty skincare line, Lagalene Milano offers solutions with a simple and natural essence, let's see which…

Lagalene anti-acne treatment :

  • Gentle Vegetal Soap : cleanser 100% natural that purifies in depth, eliminates excess sebum and rebalances the natural pH;
  • Ultra Intensive Care Treatment : roller al 99.86% containing natural oil CBD and Hyalomatrix with lightening power (against spots and marks), plumping and smoothing (against scars), and a mix of anti-inflammatory and antiseptic essential oils;
  • Hyper Moisturizing Serum : 3 serums in one al 99.35% natural with moisturizing, lightening, smoothing power, with citric acid that carries out a light peeling eliminating dead cells and stimulating regeneration;
  • Multi-sense Treatment Complex : 100% natural jojoba oil and essential oil mix that nourishes and brightens the skin, soothes and they heal small wounds giving a healthy color without greasing the skin.

This is the natural, Made in Italy, sustainable and innovative Lagalene Milano beauty routine to take care of the skin, reduce and eliminate acne scars!

Choose to take care of yourself, choose a conscious beauty , choose Lagalene Milano!

Beauty is a choice. Choose Lagalene.