Anche l’uomo deve svolgere una skincare routine?

Should men also have a skincare routine?

Why when we talk about skin beauty we only talk about women's skin?

Doesn't man's skin need skincare treatments?

If yes, which products should be used?

Well, there's a lot to say on this subject and many myths to dispel , the first of these is that man doesn't need a beauty routine. In fact it is absolutely false, even men should carry out daily skincare !

Yet, when it comes to beauty, man's skincare always remains in the background. In reality, even men's skin has its needs and, just like women's, it can be mixed, dry or oily, young or mature, and needs specific products every day.

Men's skin , due to hormonal factors, is certainly thicker than women's and is fatter, in fact it produces much more sebum , and is obviously also subject to acne, wrinkles, pimples , and all other common and non-common problems.

Now that we have understood that beauty is genderless , unisex, without distinction, equal and important for everyone, men, women, young people and adults. Let's talk about which products to use to carry out a male skincare routine.

As for women, the first step is cleansing : it would be better to prefer a perfect product for combination skin, which eliminates excess sebum and rebalances the natural pH. The 100% natural Gentle Vegetal Soap can also be used as a mask, as well as a cleanser, for an amplified purifying action .

As a second step it is important to choose a product with localized action , therefore, depending on the problems to be solved, it would be better to prefer a product that works specifically. In order not to risk using too many products, we recommend choosing a multi-purpose product that meets different needs.
As in the 99.86% natural Ultra Intensive Care Treatment which eliminates bags and dark circles, plumps out wrinkles, reduces pimples and acne and lightens spots on the face thanks to the presence of innovative ingredients such as CBD .

The third step we recommend is a product to be used all over the face , and also on the neck, often affected by pimples at a young age, and by spots or loss of tone at a mature age. It is important to choose a product with a moisturizing , toning, elasticising and anti-imperfection effect, such as the 100% natural Multi-sense Treatment Complex with a high nutritional power that gives tone to the skin and reduces imperfections, including acne, thanks to the precious essential oils it contains. Furthermore, it is a perfect aftershave product thanks to its soothing, anti-inflammatory and healing effect.

Skincare is genderless . Lagalene Milano immediately adapted to this trend and based the entire range of products on this philosophy of inclusion.

If you are a man and don't take care of your skin, start with Lagalene Milano!

Beauty is a choice. Choose Lagalene.