Take care of Acne with Lagalene.

Face it with patience, perseverance and the right allies.

We often talk about Acne, its symptoms and the blemishes it causes on the face.
But blackheads, comedones and pimples are not just skin imperfections, but real discomforts that lead to psychological difficulties.

Lagalene products, with their specific formulations and natural active ingredients, will help you reduce redness on the face and have healthier skin and a clearer and brighter complexion.

Don't believe in the miracle. Cleanse. Tone down. Restore.

The dream of a product that can solve all problems overnight fascinates everyone. Unfortunately, however, there is no magic wand for acne and its causes. Only a natural and effective routine can help.
This is Lagalene's routine.


With the Gentle Vegetal Soap, cleanse the skin deeply , delicately reducing impurities and restoring the lipid barrier. Not only that, it also acts as an astringent, anti-inflammatory, sebum regulator, disinfectant.

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Tone down

Redness, pimples and plump up scars with Hyper Moisturizing serum .
Its smoothing and pH rebalancing action with lactic acid, attenuates and plumps up scars thanks to the very low molecular weight hyaluronic acid.

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With the Multi sense treatment complex it restores the balance of the skin : the citric acid guarantees a disinfectant, astringent and smoothing action. Its acidity eliminates the bacterial load due to the proliferation of acne.

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Fight blemishes with the natural effectiveness of Lagalene.
Rediscover serenity, skin and soul.